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Key issues for energy policy in Northern Ireland: security of supply, the single energy market and the future for renewables

From: 09 Nov, 2017 until: 09 Nov, 2017

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Event Summary

This seminar will bring together key stakeholders and policymakers to examine the future for energy policy in Northern Ireland.


Venue: To be confirmed

Address: TBC

Full details

It will be a timely opportunity to explore the latest thinking on tackling the challenges and barriers to the completion of the North-South Interconnector - including planning delays and community objections - and will look at the next steps in the completion of the Integrated Single Energy Market (I-SEM), including the latest in market-modelling ahead of the go-live date, and the potential impact of Brexit.


Delegates will assess the future of North-South cooperation in energy policy - including in investment, support through subsidies and further integration of energy systems. Those attending will also look at options for further infrastructure development - such as closing, upgrading or redeveloping current generation sites and the possible increased use of energy storage and other technologies.


Further sessions will examine options for future development of renewable energy post-2020, particularly looking at opportunities for the development and use of technologies other than onshore wind - especially in light of closure of the Renewable Obligations for onshore wind energy - and dealing with community, planning and environmental challenges to the expansion of renewables.


This seminar follows the publication of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee report on the electricity sector in Northern Ireland - which outlined the impending energy deficit in the Northern Ireland energy market - as policymakers consider the basis of a forthcoming Energy Strategy, and in light of current political uncertainty.

Event contact: info@forumsupport.co.uk

URL: http://www.policyforumforni.co.uk/conference/energy-policy-NI-17/25839

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