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Operating Lease Seminar

From: 20 Mar, 2018 until: 22 Mar, 2018

Location: Dallas, USA

Event Summary

How to structure, finance and administer an operating lease.


Venue: Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Downton Dallas, Tel: 1 214 299 8982 Web: http://hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com

Address: 1600 Pacific Avenue, Dallas, Texas, 75201, USA

Full details

Learn about:

  • Pre-delivery Planning/Legal Issues
  • Delivery Timing & Location
  • Lease Term
  • Rental issues
  • Tax Indemnity
  • Security
  • Conditions Precedent
  • Operation & Use
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance Covenants, and more…………


·         What are the key technical, legal and economic terms in an operating lease

·         Why are maintenance reserves important and how are they calculated
• Learn about negotiable items for the lessor and lessee
• Comprehensive practical study working on an Operating Lease
• Experienced aviation speakers and good opportunities for networking with professionals in this sector
• How to negotiate on behalf of a lessor or a lessee

Event contact: everest@everestevents.co.uk

URL: https://everestevents.co.uk/event/operating-lease-seminar-2018/

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