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The 2nd International Conference On Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks

From: 22 Nov, 2018 until: 24 Nov, 2018

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Event Summary

UTSN 2nd Edition is about the importance of urban transit and networking system and how can it affect the environment either positively or adversely. This conference will be aimed to solve and provide technical solutions that will help the non-Eco-friendly cities to change into eco-friendly ones. Transportation is defined as a vehicle which moves people or tools to another place. The issue is how to be environment-friendly while using them.


Venue: TBA

Address: TBC

Full details

Conference Topics
  1. 1. Urban Transportation.
  2. 2. Green Fuel Used In Transport Vehicles.
  3. 3. Economic & Social Impacts Of Using Eco-friendly Modes Of Transport.
  4. 4. Advantages Of Using Public Transport.
  5. 5. Designing & Planning Roads.
  6. 6. Merging Technology With Streets.
  7. 7. Vehicles & Roads Infrastructure
  8. 8. Traffic Flow Characteristics.
  9. 9. Intelligent Transport System.
  10. 10. Roads & Their Maintenance.
  11. 11. A Sustainable Infrastructure Networks.
  12. 12. Safety And Security.
  13. 13. Smart Systems To Control Traffic.
  14. 14. Government Policies & Regulations.
  15. 15. Sustainable Transportation
  16. 16. Technological Systems
  17. 17. Transportation Planning Trends
  18. 18. Sophisticated Pedestrian Roads
  19. 19. Environmental Effects.
  20. 20. Transport Policy
  21. 21. Electronic Mobility

Event contact: utsn@ierek.com

URL: https://www.ierek.com/events/urban-transit-and-sustainable-networks-2#introduction

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