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Port Feasibility & Valuation Course 2018

From: 13 Nov, 2018 until: 15 Nov, 2018

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Event Summary

The objective of the Port Feasibility and Valuation Course is to enable participants to conduct a detailed Port Feasibility and Valuation Study. Valuation, feasibility and PPP are the key topics and the course offers an executive insight into the financial models behind these. Participants will follow a 3-day training course, where they will receive hands-on training on the industries' valuation dynamics.


Venue: MTBS Office

Address: Wijnhaven 3E, 3011 WG Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Full details

The course will provide participants an overview of the logical steps of a Port Feasibility and Valuation Study. Valuation, feasibility and PPP are the key topics and the course offers an executive insight in the financial models behind that. The Course is structured along the phases of Port Valuation: determining Project Feasibility, determining PPP Feasibility & the optimal PPP Structure and assessment of Equity Return & Bankability. The course provides an overview of the most recent developments in Port Valuation, as well as the perspectives of different stakeholders: Public Authorities, Terminal Operators, Shipping Lines, etc. 

The training course consists of three modules spread over three days.

Participants will be provided with the following curriculum materials:

  • Course Plan & Agenda
  • Case Study
  • Handouts for all the modules
  • Additional reading

The participants will be provided with a basic financial model, developed by MTBS. This basic financial model will first be used for the Project Feasibility assessment, then for the PPP Feasibility Assessment and as a last step for the Bankability Assessment & Equity Valuation. Participants are required to bring a laptop with MS Excel.

Course Outline
Each training day will run from 9am to 5pm and all materials, refreshments and lunch are included in the course fee. Plenty of time will be set aside throughout the training program to review the specific course aspects and reflect within the group. Participants are invited to elaborate on specific Port Feasibility and Valuation exercises from within their own experience/companies. Interaction between the participants on real-life issues is encouraged and is regarded as a valuable addition to the course program.

Day 1

09:00 - 17:00 Module 1: Introduction to Port Project Feasibility & Valuation

Day 2

09:00 - 17:00 Module 2: PPP Valuation and Modelling 

Day 3

09:00 - 17:00 Module 3: Assessment of Equity Return and Bankability


The course is organised by Port Finance International and in association with MTBS, the leading port and terminal strategy and transaction advisory company.

For more information please visit our website: www.portfinanceinternational.com

Event contact: sacha@portfinanceinternational.com

URL: https://www.portfinanceinternational.com/port-feasibility-valuation-course

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