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Aircraft Economic Life Summit

From: 18 Nov, 2019 until: 18 Nov, 2019

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Event Summary

After one of the longest bull market runs in the history of commercial aviation, there are growing signs that changes are under way. There is uncertainty on the world stage, oil prices face upward pressure, airlines are failing and new airplane programs are encountering turbulence. It is now, more than ever, important to stay in tune with the market. The old standards may no longer be suited to changing conditions. For some, it may be time to face the music. The 5th Annual Aircraft Economic Life Summit brings together a high-calibre line up of industry experts to present and debate the issues that will affect the industry in the months and years ahead. If you want to know the score and hear informed opinion, you should attend this event in Dublin.


Venue: Gibson Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

Address: Gibson Hotel, Point Village, Dublin 1, Ireland Tel: 353 1 681 5000. Web: http://www.thegibsonhotel.ie

Full details


· Identify the factors behind some of the recent turbulent
      industry events

· Consider the impact of OEM joint ventures on products &


· Get insights into the demand for Boeing’s 7K7 and for a
       new turboprop


·  How has the long-term outlook changed for NEO and MAX
       following their challenges

· Understand the dynamics of a downturn and how to prepare

· Find out how to maximise end of life vales

· Debate whether economic lives will be getting shorter



Event contact: everest@everestevents.co.uk

URL: https://everestevents.co.uk/event/aircraft-economic-life-summit-2019/

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