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Port Feasibility & Valuation Course

From: 06 Oct, 2020 until: 08 Oct, 2020

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Event Summary

The objective of the Port Feasibility and Valuation Course is to enable participants to conduct a detailed Port Feasibility and Valuation Study. Valuation, feasibility and PPP are the key topics and the course offers an executive insight into the financial models behind these. Participants will follow a 3-day training course, where they will receive hands-on training on the industries' valuation dynamics.


Venue: MTBS Office

Address: Wijnhaven 3E, 3011 WG Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Full details

The course is focused on the following 4 main topics:

  • project & ppp feasibility
  • port valuation and modelling
  • equity valuation
  • bank-ability assessment

The course makes use of a project case, which will follow the logical steps in the project implementation process: from feasibility to ppp Implementation and bank-ability.
Participants will have to take an active role in the 3-day course and be able to interpret the financial results.

Target audience

The port feasibility and valuation course is developed as a training course for a range of professions:

  • Middle/Senior management level officials that are active in the port, maritime and infrastructure sector or direct stakeholders active in the industry.
  • Managers and staff, members of public and private bodies involved in port and terminal developments (both entry level and mid-management).


For optimal results, a certain level of experience is expected. The participants are required:

  • To speak English;
  • To have a basic knowledge of finance;
  • To have a working knowledge of MS Excel.

Participants are not required to have in-depth financial modelling experience, although such experience can be beneficial for the understanding of more complex modelling topics.

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 15 participants.


Event contact: sacha@portfinanceinternational.com

URL: https://www.portfinanceinternational.com/port-feasibility-valuation-course-1

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