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20:20 vision

18 December 2013

Marketforce has announced that its 20:20 Customer Experience Summit will "bring together customer experience leaders from across the retail, telecoms, financial services, travel, energy and automotive sectors".

Conference organizer Marketforce added that the event, set to take place in Lonodon on 1-2 July, feature more than 60 speakers, an expected audience of over 400 attendees.

Topics to be covered include omnichannel, channel optimisation, big data, customer insight, digital, social media, loyalty, building emotional connections, regulation and managing the blurring lines between marketing and service.

Speakers from the transport world will include:

Craig Kreeger,  Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Atlantic

Lucy Whitehead, Marketing Manager, Transport for London


Contact details:


Tel: +44(0) 20 7760 8699

Web: http://marketforce.eu.com


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