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Thinking BIG

16 July 2013

The new Maritime Museum of Denmark - designed by BIG - is due to open its doors on 5 October, and it boasts 'spectacular' conference halls that are available for hire.

The Museum's Kronborg Bridge conference hall is available for a minimum of 80 people, and a maximum of 139.

Hiring the Kronborg Bridge room costs 150 DKK per person + VAT and is inclusive entrance to the museum’s exhibitions.

If your event extends beyond the museum’s opening times, there is a surcharge of 4,000 DKK + VAT.

The Blue Room is available for a minimum of 20 people, and a maximum of 48.

The Blue Room also costs 150 DKK per person + VAT  - and again there is a  4,000 DKK + VAT surcharge if your event extends beyond the museum’s opening times.

The new museum, designed by the architecture company BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), is housed in the old dry dock between Kronborg Castle and The Culture Yard in Elsinore

According to the official website: "The architecture and exhibitions aim for new horizons, making the museum relevant, inclusive and accessible to everyone. The architecture of the museum is iconic, guiding visitors through a continuous flow of spaces expanding across gently sloping floors at different levels before crossing the old dock."

Mixing the contemporary with the historical - explaining how shipping has shaped the lives we live today - seems to be a key theme.

"Through thematic highlights," the official blurb continues, "we’re whirled into the challenges of the oceans faced by those at sea, through the temptations of the ports, and back home at the heart of their families. We explore the myths of the life of the sailor, experience the role of the captain at the helm between the Danish colonies of the 1700s, and sit behind the desk of the shipping executive conducting world trade today. We follow the route of the many products in our supermarkets that have travelled thousands of nautical miles to reach us."

Contact details for conference bookings:

Cristel Mydske

Maritime Museum of Denmark

Tel:+45 40 49 05 54.

Emails: cm@mfs.dk and booking@mfs.dk


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